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On 2019-05-24 08:51, Richmond via use-livecode wrote:
> 1. Will 32-bit Windows builds work on all current deployments of the 
> Windows OS?


> 2. Which current deployments of the Windows OS 'prefer' 64-bit 
> executables?

No windows OS versions 'prefer' 64-bit exes per-se. MS did a very good 
job when they produced Win64 and the WoW layer - 32-bit windows apps and 
64-bit windows apps coexist quite happily on a 64-bit capable version of 
the OS.

The advantage of 64-bit windows apps is you can allocate more memory, 
and some things are a little faster (the internal graphics rendering 
functionality benefits quite significantly from the 64-bit intel 
architecture - maybe a 5-10% boost there).

> 3. Why is there only one version of LiveCode for Macintosh? Should Mac
> users feel hard done by?

macOS users have had both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of LiveCode since 
version 8.0 - macOS has 'fat binaries' which means an executable can 
contain code for several different architectures.

Windows (and Linux) do *not* have fat binaries and so you need to 
provide two distinct executables / standalones - one for 32-bit and one 
for 64-bit.

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