UPDATE: Nested Datagrid Behaviors

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com
Thu May 23 13:55:30 EDT 2019

Hi all. 

For those of you interested in nesting custom DataGrid behaviors, as has been discussed before, note that there was a conflict I discovered with revNavigator and folding. With Geoff's help I developed a patch for it. 

Comment out and paste the private function _resourceStack in your behaviorsdatagridbuttonbehavior.livecodescript with this code:

local sResourceStack
private function _ResourceStack
   local theStack, theCharNo
   if sResourceStack is empty then
      put the behavior of me into theStack
         if trueWord -1 of theStack is "revDataGridLibrary" or \
            trueword -1 of theStack is "revNavigator" or \
            theStack is empty then
            exit repeat
            put the behavior of theStack into theStack
         end if
      end repeat
      if theStack is not empty then
         put offset(" of stack", theStack) into theCharNo
         delete char 1 to (theCharNo + 3) of theStack
      end if
      put theStack into sResourceStack
   end if
   return sResourceStack
end _ResourceStack

Bob S

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