The correct way to quit a Windows standalone

Eller, Roger roger.e.eller at
Thu May 23 10:41:47 EDT 2019

I do this to cleanly exit my Windows standalone, which is a splashscreen stack.

Because I have used a couple of fonts that I keep with the standalone, I have to STOP USING them, else the process will still continue to run.

This handler is in my visible stack, not in the standalone splashscreen stack.

on closeStackRequest

   set the itemDel to "/"

   put item 1 to -2 of the effective filename of this stack & "/Resources/TrajanPro" into tPath

   put quote & tPath & "/TrajanPro-Regular.otf" & quote into tTrajanProRegular

   put quote & tPath & "/TrajanPro-Bold.otf" & quote into tTrajanProBold

   stop using font file tTrajanProRegular

   stop using font file tTrajanProBold

   close this stack


end closeStackRequest


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