Livecode Array Encoding / Decoding using other platforms?

Tom Glod tom at
Wed May 22 10:14:35 EDT 2019

I've started a course on rust and I am loving the idea of
ownership/borrowing of data. And I've become convinced that it will have
wide scale adoption over the next 20, 30 years like c++ has up until now.
I feel like saving myself the money and the headaches of learning and using
C++ with all its thread and memory safety issues.....which I don't even
understand all that much. But rust is telling me I can learn a high
performance systems language and not have to worry about things like that.
I'm all game for that.

Yes...index....good...... I guess when it comes time to finalizing my
encoding/ decoding scheme I can do tests to see what makes the biggest

Thanks RG...looking forward to your talk today.

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> Tom Glod wrote:
> > My LC written client will send to cloud for long term storage on the
> > livecloud system...... but then I will have to pull the data to
> > aggregate,
> > count, and analyze it to show data interesting and useful points to the
> > customers..  As much as I love LC I really want to do the right thing
> > and
> > use a high performing language to do that.  Something like Rust.
> Rust has a reputation for performing on par or better than C++, but not
> C. If speed alone is the language determiner, why not C?
> > Each new (1) customer (a school) will usually be 1500+ users who create
> > 150,000+ records or more.  So it will add up quickly.
> I don't know the details of the aggregate operations, but my first
> reaction to queries across millions of records is that storage and
> deserialization speed aren't as big an opportunity for performance as
> not brute-forcing your way through the records at all, using an index
> instead.
> -- rg/4w
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