Livecode Array Encoding / Decoding using other platforms?

Tom Glod tom at
Mon May 20 23:57:51 EDT 2019

Hey Richard......

Thanks for that tip of undertanding about the array encoding.  Explains why
its really fast.

Its not really the encoding / decoding speed i am thinking about.  Lets see
if I can explain better.

I can try to read C code in the codebase to see if i can see how the data
gets processed....maybe i will peek out of interest .......if i can even
find the arrayencode function in the c codebase....

Its probably easier to encode into Json and baseencode any binary
data......and just deal with text chunks instead of blobs.

But either way I have to decide soon what to write in the specs for the

thanks as always, don't worry about the notes,

On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 11:19 PM ambassador--- via use-livecode <
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> Tom Glod wrote:
> > Hi Friends, I love the convenience of encoding arrays into binary
> > chunks
> > for saving and transport.
> >
> > But while doing data processing ideally I'd like to be able to decode
> > my
> > livecode arrays in other more high performance languages.
> LC's arrays are encoded and decoded in machine code. Just how fast do
> you need that?
> > Is there some method by which this encoding happens that is standard
> > and
> > can be decoded using non livecode platforms?
> I have some notes on the older format I can see if I can pull together,
> based on things Mark Waddingham had written.  But that was before the
> code base became relicensed as open source. The current code base would
> seem the best place for exploring the straight dope.
> - rg/4w
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