Question for LCB FFI workshop attendees at upcoming conference

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Fri May 17 12:57:26 EDT 2019

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> On 5/17/19 7:01 AM, Trevor DeVore via use-livecode wrote:
> > I decided to look into this further and I eventually found libMosquitto.
> It
> > is a C library with an API that that could be wrapped with FFI without
> too
> > much trouble (no structs within structs that I had to deal with). With
> Mark
> > and Monte's help I now have a library on macOS that can connect to the
> > server and publish/subscribe to topics. So we should
> be
> > able to send messages around to each other during the workshop! Hopefully
> > there are no surprises on the Windows side...
> >
> That's very cool. Has anyone tried using Mosquitto to communicate with
> RabbitMQ? I know there at one point was a third-party RabbitMQ plugin
> for compatibility, but I'm not sure it ever got out of the preview
> stage. I'm not sure what the current status is now that RabbitMQ
> supports MQTT 3.11 via an included plugin. I would assume then that it
> just works out of the box, but you know what they say about assuming...

I was reading the RabbitMQ page on the MQTT plugin earlier:

That page says you have to manually enable the plugin in order for it to
work. Once it is enabled there is no reason Mosquitto wouldn't work with
it. They both support MQTT 3.

There is also a RabbitMQ C library that provides support for AMQP. It is
available here:

And this page seems to have some information on using it:

I haven't looked over the source code to see how easy it would be to wrap
in LCB though.

Trevor DeVore

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