Seeking confirmation of a bug...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu May 16 21:27:53 EDT 2019

On 5/16/2019 7:35 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> Paul Dupuis wrote:
> > I am sometimes astonished that a bug like this can go undetected
> > through so many releases. It causes me to worry about the adoption
> > of LC as a serious commercial application building tool.
> This is why I do my daily work in the latest available build, and 
> encourage others to do the same.

I completely agree. I am now on LC9 for everything - 904 and tomorrow 
(didn't have time today) I'll download 905. HT450 and HT200 are on LC9 
and in mid-beta. It makes so many thing easier to be current on the engine.

I had though that given how text intensive HR is, that I would have had 
a lot of work to adjust to "Unicode everywhere", but there was 
surprisingly little. Lots for the adjustment to DirectShow. And there is 
lots of text handling that can now be simplified under LC9, but very 
little I had to do becase the move from LC6.7.11 to LC9 broke something. 
That amazed me that the folks in Scotland made such a huge engine change 
that backwards compatible.
> And it's why I'm generally happy with the progress on issues I report.

I have to say Monte fix for this bug may have set a new record! (Thanks 
again Monte!)

> When I work in the latest build, I see issues that affect my work 
> quickly. I report them quickly.  And, as we've seen here, they're 
> often resolved quickly.

I find that true as well. I've reported a fair number of bugs against 
versions of 9 and they have all been resolved very quickly.

> LC has thousands of features, with gawdknowshowmany options for using 
> them all, a combinatorial explosion of possibilities. The odds that 
> someone else might happen to need the same mix of options my work 
> relies on seem low.
> So I use the current version.
> I everyone did, issues like this would be found sooner, and resolved 
> sooner.

I wish more people who find bugs took the time to file quality bug 
reports - with recipes and/or test stacks. It is sometime a pain to add 
that to a busy day, but my experience has been it always pays off with a 
fix for the bug in reasonable time, sometimes fast enough that 
work-around code is not necessary.

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