return <value> with <value>?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed May 15 16:49:15 EDT 2019

Hmmmm - my dictionary (9.0.4 rc2 for Mac COmmunity) does have a 
description of the "for" variant.

And I've now read it 10 times, and I'm not sure I'm much better informed 
:-)  It's a pretty tough read.

I see that  "urlresult" is a reserved / key word, not in the dictionary.

So I think the correct question is

   what is the    "with urlresult"  clause ?

But I have no idea what the answer is :-)


On 15/05/2019 21:22, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> Line 264 of libURL contains:
>     return empty  with urlResult laLoadedUrls[newUrl]
> What is that "with" clause?
> I was familiar with the "for" clause", but when I went to check this 
> in the Dictionary I found neither clause is mentioned. :(

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