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> Am 14.05.2019 um 16:36 schrieb Ludovic THEBAULT via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> ...
>>>> Currently i am using mobilepick on my mobile app to show a list of all files and let the users select the one they want to open.
>>>> But i was wondering if there might be an other solution that would allow this also.
>>>> Matthias Rebbe
>>> Sorry !
>>> I think it’s better to use an data grid, or a simple field to select the file. MobilePick doesn’t display all the filename
>> So something like:
>> ...
>> put files(specialfolderpath("documents")) into tFiles
>> filter tFiles with "*.pdf"
>> mobilepick tFiles
>> ...
>> does not work?
> Yes it’s work, but if the filename is not short, only the beginning of the filename is displayed with MobilePick (on iPhone, perhaps not on ipad). 

ah, OK, didn't know that.
Well, then a listfield or something would be a better solution.



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