Resize Stack Sent Everytime a Stack Opens?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon May 13 17:29:47 EDT 2019


BR: I am not using fullscreenMode, (in just one module) more and more I'm seeing it woefully inadequate from "professional design"  point of view. 

In any case, just for now we want the browser and in YouTube stack on fill the screen. No letter/pillarboxing etc. and the nav bar properly laid out.
Brian: "I am not surprised to see a resizeStack on open if the app was built at a size different than the screen size of the device."  

BR:  It doesn't. I build  on 414,736. Both my phone are bigger. I could be doing something incredibly stupid.
You have to call it. It doesn’t turn x,y of anything. So then it may as well be 'upDateUi' (my handler) and you have to fetch x,y

put the width of this card into x
put the height of this card into y

Status bar: Going to Landscape to Portrait, the first time...  button bar is below screen, but I can "forever flick" my Moto6, this triggers an orientationChanged "portrait"  and the controls are properly laid out.  So, some part of the engine "knows" card height as expected

 J. Landman Gay 
    This sounds like the height of the status bar, and the stack is being 
    drawn underneath it. I haven't tried it but you might be able to fix it 
    by setting the stack height to the height of the screenrect.

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