Help with Pasting of RTL languages into a field

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu May 9 12:15:15 EDT 2019

I have a  test stack with a single scrolling field under LC904rc2. The 
textDirection for the field is the default of "auto" meaning it should 
align LTR  languages (like English) to the Left and RTL languages (like 
Arabic or Hebrew) to the Right.

English and other LTR test is correctly Left aligned. When I paste in 
RTL text (Arabic for example) it is incorrectly Left aligned. I am not 
sure if this is a 'paste' issue (tried the 'paste' command in a button 
and just using Ctrl-V in the IDE) or a field issue? Or even how to tell?

Does anyone else have experience with pasting RTL text from other 
applications (Word, Web pages, Google Translate, etc.) into LiveCode to 
have it align properly?

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