Apple Provisioning Profile Is Missing

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu May 9 09:20:00 EDT 2019

Oh boy, I should have looked there first!

Panos, there is a new requirement for any who has not done this in the last 5 months:

"Third" - Factor Identification.

Of course most iOS developers were forced get that, so are familiar with it (I mention this in another thread)

What is not familiar,  is how to enter that in the Applications Loader. Took me three support calls and ever Apple Tier 3 support -experts - did not know how to do it. They kept saying "Can't you enter at the prompt…. What? There is no prompt? We'll get back you…"  (never did…)

Well, mystery meat in the Application Loader UI, the first time you will be asked for a "password" There is no prompt.

On a hunch I clicked on  the upper left button that appears just to identify you with the developer account name. It wants you log in…. It doesn't tell you what password. First you think, it is must be your Mac admin password. Nope, doesn't work. Then you think, ahha! Must be my developer account password. Nope doesn't work…

You have to enter the app-specific password you created in the Apple ID account (you can only have 25 of these.) Once it is entered, Xcode knows and you won't have to enter it again, at least it hasn't so asked me again so far. And there appears no correlation between that password and you app name.  At least it is not apparent.

Hopefully that will save someone several days of tearing their hair out dealing with Apple's reg's. Perhaps I should put this in as a comment on the lesson.


From: panagiotis merakos <merakosp at>

Hello all,

For future reference, we have a detailed lesson on how to upload your LC apps to the iOS AppStore:


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