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Sun May 5 16:47:58 EDT 2019

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> Below is the script for a data grid and the stack script.
> The data grid times certain jobs, so if you press one, it switched to
> timing
> that job.
> The problem is, when I set the dgData for the grid, the rows are blank up
> to
> the row that I press, and none of the changed data appears. However, if I
> just set it again in a different action it shows up correctly. That is, the
> data doesn't seem to set correctly as part of my activateJob handler. If I
> then try to set it again in a different mouseUp handler, everything shows
> up
> correctly.

A LiveCode control cannot be deleted while it is running a script. That is
what I think is happening here. When calling the handler that will refresh
the data grid try using “send ... in 0 seconds” so that the refresh happens
after the click within the data grid.

Trevor DeVore

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