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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Fri May 3 13:06:41 EDT 2019

"when that code was written"

As someone who is engaged on a log, drawn-out refactoring on my main 
a process that involves uncovering old code (max 9 years) that ranges 
from 'slightly clunky'
to 'utter crap' I have NO sympathy with phrases such as "when the code 
was written" when
relating to something that is extremely antiquated.

I have a list as long as your arm of new features I'd like to implement in
my Devawriter Pro: but they will just have to wait until I have cleaned 
out the attic, the cellar,
and re-papered the walls and repainted the dadoes in the main rooms . . .


On 3.05.19 18:36, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
> On 2019-05-03 17:01, runrevlist--- via use-livecode wrote:
>> LC is ver well suited for all kinds of programs communicating with
>> robots, 3D printers, milling machines etc. if only we could have a
>> decent speed. I am not even asking for the preferred speed of 22…..
>> The arduino IDE can easily communicate at that speed, why not LC?
> Which platform are you using?
> On Windows, any limit in baudrate is determined by Win32: the 
> serialControlString
> property is passed to the 'BuildCommDCBW' Win32 API function to parse 
> (which doesn't
> explicitly mention a baudrate limit).
> On Mac/Linux, however, there is an 'artificial' limit - the engine 
> parses the control
> string itself in those cases and maps the integer baudrate value to a 
> system constant...
> So the reason it is limited to 57600 baud will be because when that 
> code was written, the only constants which were defined by the system 
> were those up to 57600 baud (it would appear at least.
> This would need a (simple) engine patch to enable speeds up to the 
> ones which are defined (on macOS there are constants up to 230400, 
> Linux has a few higher ones defined too) when using 'the 
> serialControlString' property.
>> Does any one have a solution or idea how to increase this silly speed
>> limit of LC?
> Alternatively, you might be able to open the serial device from LC as 
> you do now and then use the 'stty' shell command to tweak the settings:
>    stty -F /dev/tty... <baudrate>
> Here <baudrate> is one which is known by the system. For Linux this 
> appears to be a reasonably normative list 
> <> 
> (although a baudrate being there doesn't mean the device supports it).
> Warmest Regards,
> Mark.

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