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Fri May 3 11:01:22 EDT 2019

Quite a few years ago I got the connection between LC and arduino properly working. Unfortunately, then the highest speed LC was capable of was 57600 Baud. 
Besides 3D printing, I developed quite a big delta printer, I am now also into laser engraving and of course I printed all the parts to create one myself. I have now written a LC program to generate g-Code from foto’s. That is all working quite well.
LC is such a wonderfull tool. Unfortunately, universal gCode sender, a open source tool written in java chokes on big images. So I want to write my own g-Code sender, which isn’t that hard to do, except for one absolutely  crucial detail. 
The serial speed. I had hoped that by now, about 10 years later LC would be able to use a serial speed of at least 115200 Baud. But allas. LC still can’t communicate at that speed, which is an absolute deal breaker. It is incredible that LC can’t communicate with the outside world with something resembling a reasonable speed. 

LC is ver well suited for all kinds of programs communicating with robots, 3D printers, milling machines etc. if only we could have a decent speed. I am not even asking for the preferred speed of 22….. The arduino IDE can easily communicate at that speed, why not LC?

Does any one have a solution or idea how to increase this silly speed limit of LC?
I really need this tool and LC id the perfect choice to write it in a very short time, but as it is now, it’s a no go.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Claudi Cornaz

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