Rather urgent question about iOS player : How to shut one up?

Frans Schoffelen frans at knowlegistics.com
Fri Mar 29 09:55:06 EDT 2019


doing an app for a group of schools in Belgium for refugee kids.
I need to be able to show 4 small movies without sound.
The movies HAVE sound that is needed for learning earlier on.
Using copies without sound track would be possible but cumbersome and duplicative.

I have tried a test stack and searched the dictionary, databases and forums
but there is no mention of 

mobileControlSet “videoControl1", "Soundlevel", 0
mobileControlSet “videoControl1”, "volume", 0

or something similar. ( odd actually…)

So I went and tried if videocontrol ID’s would be recognised by

      mobileSetSoundChannelVolume "VideoControl1", 0

but that does not work in various formats either ( with Id instead of name etc )
So no linkage to MobileSoundChannels as far as I can tell. ( But would gladly be told otherwise ;-)

Even the application wide old settings do not shut up a mobile player

“set the Beeploudness to 0”  or “set the PlayLoudness to 0” => Don’t silence a mobile player

A search on the net and in the archives of “ Setting sound level / Volume / Loudness of a mobile player”
did not turn anything up.

Hope this is possible or we’ll have to go the difficult way.

Thanks for any info.


Frans Schoffelen
http://knowlegistics.com  // Software & Sound // Berlin

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