Any reason to use Apple file TYPE codes anymore?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Mar 28 13:24:35 EDT 2019

In Livecode you can use file extensions (like .txt) or apple 4-character 
file type codes (like "TEXT") in a "type" or "types" filter of the 
answer file command. As in:

answer file[s] prompt [with defaultPath] [with type types [or type types 
...]] windowTitle] [as sheet]

Where a "types" is like "JPEG Images|jpg,jpeg|JPEG"

Is there any reason these days to bother with Apple 4-Character file 
Type codes? I believe all recent version of OSX force file extensions 
even if hidden by default. I also though that the 4-character type codes 
had been deprecated by Apple long ago?

Opinions? Thoughts? Anyone bother with them these days? Anyone find them 
actually necessary? If so why? What use case did you run into where they 
were necessary?

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