What is Macintosh equivalent of relaunch handler?

Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Thu Mar 28 11:34:36 EDT 2019

Hi Bill,

> I want my application to be able to catch parameters sent to it via
> the command line.
> The relaunch handler does that for Windows applications and also
> doesn’t open another instance of the application. You are correct that
> Mac apps run in a single instance by default and that is the behavior
> I want.
> I don’t want to open a document…I want to do something with the
> command line parameters sent to my app.

The simple answer is that there isn't an equivalent.

The relaunch mechanism on Windows was added to make it easy to add 
single-instance like behavior on Windows (just as macOS has).

However remember that macOS has the AppleEvent system for making it easy 
to do inter-process communication, so on Mac you could use that.

i.e. Make the command-line tool use AppleScript (either by do ... as 
applescript) or the 'send to program' syntax to send apple events to 
instruct the main app.

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