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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 28 02:36:17 EDT 2019

Peter Bogdanoff wrote:

 > In attempting to create this folder in MacOS:
 > put specialFolderpath("asup") & “/My Folder" into tURL
 >      [which yields tURL: /Library/Application Support/My Folder ]
 > create folder tURL
 >      returns a result: can't create that directory
 > Why the error?

All file I/O is best accompanied with an error check. If that includes a 
call to sysError you'll see exactly what the OS is trying to tell you.

    create folder tURL
    if the result is not empty then
        answer the result &" ("& sysError() &")"
        exit to top
     end if

I'd wager permissions. /Library is a system folder. 
/Users/<username>/Library should be writable, though.

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