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> My application is being installed on Windows machines in a school lab. The admin is having trouble because I’m writing preference files to the Users\<user>\ folder and when another user logs in, the file is not available. This may be a problem in the future for Macs as well. These same preference files should be accessed by all users.
> The specialFolderPath functions don’t seem to have one for a root level Library/Preferences folder. Is there otherwise a best, or even workable practice for this scenario?

you could use these 2 undocumented specialfolderpath() codes for Windows:
-> specialFolderPath(35) -> prefs folder for ALL users
-> specialfolderpath(26) -> dito for the current user only!

Not sure this is still working on Win 10, but worth a try. :-)
Check this in the IDE with the messagebox:
put specialFolderPath(35)

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