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Tue Mar 26 01:14:39 EDT 2019

It may have been the problem where the message box stops finding things. It 
started in LC 9 for me and happened again today. The message box couldn't 
find a handler in the only card that was open, then couldn't even find the 
card. Keyboard shortcuts stopped working and "edit script of this card" did 
nothing. When that sort of thing starts happening you're about to crash, 
and two minutes later I did. There's no recipe except that debugging seems 
to set it off.

The point being, maybe the fault wasn't that any features have changed but 
rather something else got very confused.
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> Ralph DiMola wrote:
> > FYI: If the stack is password protected(no line count in PB) you can't
> > access any of the stack's handlers from the message box. I find this
> > annoying but I guess it's safety mechanism. This changed in 8.x I
> > think? In previous versions you could access handlers in a password
> > protected stack from the message box.
> I can't reproduce that (just tested in v9.0.3), which is a good thing
> because it would definitely be a bug.
> The Message Box is just a stack with scripts, not a compiled engine
> component as with HC's Message Box.  If LC's Message Box can't call
> routines in a password-protected stack, neither could anything else.
> That would break a lot of projects, and make protected libraries
> instantly useless.
> What else might be going on with what you saw?  Got a recipe I can try?
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