ANN: Script Editor Refactoring Support

Mark Wieder ahsoftware at
Fri Mar 22 12:04:42 EDT 2019

On 3/22/19 4:28 AM, Richmond via use-livecode wrote:
> That presumably means that people can clone that and fiddle about
> with it themselves there rather than just on their desktops.
> OR: it could mean that the intention is, eventually, to integrate this
> into the LC IDE as a permanent feature.

Since it's primarily a binary stack (I intended to make in an SO 
library, but it turned out I needed a few substacks and dialogs), 
placing it on github doesn't really offer any more advantages in terms 
of being able to clone the source. It's all FOSS anyway under an MIT 

But as suggested, github allows other folks to subscribe to 
notifications and so get automatic notices of updates. That versus my 
having to upload new versions to revOnline, place announcements of the 
new version on both the forum and the lists. Also gives more exposure to 
folks who aren't normally on either of those two places. I, for example, 
rarely venture over to the web forum, and so I'm probably missing out on 
announcements of things that might catch my interest.

In short, I think revOnline/Sample Stacks/LiveCodeShare, in addition to 
having gone through way too many name changes over the years to keep 
track of (have you noticed that clicking on "Sample Stacks" in the IDE 
toolbar brings up a dialog named "revOnline" and if you try to find 
either of those on the website you have to scroll all the 
way to the bottom, click in "Resources" on "Sample Stacks" and that 
takes you not to revOnline but to "LiveCode Share"? Which is 
download-only)... but I digress and lose the syntax of that sentence I 
was typing... getting back to it...

I think LiveCode Share has run its course. It was good for many years, 
and there have been rumors of a better replacement on the way for a good 
many years now as well, but I think it's just not up to the task any 
more. There is, for instance, no place to put extensions unless you 
enclose them in a stack. You can put extensions on the web forum, but 
there's no way to find them - like so many things LiveCode, you have to 
know they're there in order to look for them.

So github seems like a more logical place for distribution even if it's 
not taking advantage of the more git-related aspects of the platform. In 
addition, placing the repo in github allows me to distribute new updates 
with a simple git push.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at

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