ANN: Script Editor Refactoring Support

Mark Wieder ahsoftware at
Wed Mar 20 13:45:38 EDT 2019

Announcing (60 days until the San Jose conference):

Script Editor Refactor Plugin
     Brings refactoring support to the LiveCode Script Editor.
     Place the plugin into your user Plugins folder.
     After launching the script editor there will be a new Refactoring 
menuItem in the Edit menu.
     The Refactoring menuItem will also appear in the contextual menu of 
the Script Editor.
     The Refactoring menu is inspired by the JetBrains refactoring 
support in RubyMine, etc.

Rename Handler
     Allows you to rename in just the current script or all scripts in 
the stack.

Rename Variable
     Both Rename Handler and Rename Variable change all uses of the object.

Convert Literal To Constant
     Creates a constant for the selected literal value.
     For instance, converts the string literal "hello" to
     constant kHello = "hello"
     and changes all references of "hello" to use kHello, i.e.,
       put kHello into tVariable
     instead of
       put "hello" into tVariable

Change Signature
     Change the parameter list for a command or function.
     For instance, change "myCommand pKey" to "myCommand pKey, pValue"
     Modifying parameters will modify calls to the handler in all 
scripts in the stack.

Safe Delete
     Only deletes the handler/variable if nothing is using it.
     Otherwise you get a warning specifying where it's used.

Move Handler To
Copy Handler To
     These allow you to select a new home for the selected handler.

Create Getter and Setter
     Allow external access to a script local variable.
     The handlers will be named after the variable name:
     local ArrayName
       command setArrayNameTo pValue
       function ArrayName()

Add Documentation
     Creates documentation for a handler in the form
     * HandlerName
     * parameters
     * Returns (if a function)
     * returnValues
     The documentation format is stored as a custom property template 
and can be modified if desired.

Add Test
     Adds a template unit test for the selected handler to a file in the 
same folder as the stack.
     The file has the same name as the stack with the ".tests" extension.
     The tests file is intended to be run using Ah, Software's 
TestRunner unit testing stack.
     The unit test format is stored as a custom property template.
     Modifying it will probably cause it to cease functioning.

Convert Global To
     Script Local
     Getter and Setter

Convert Variable To
     Script Local

Extract To
     Creates a new handler from the selected block of code in the 
current script.

Find Orphan Code
     Displays a list of unused local variables and uncalled handlers.
     Double-click a list item to select it in the script editor.

Undo Last Refactor
     There's a full undo first-in-last-out stack mechanism for those 
oops moments.
     Issues a warning if you attempt to undo changes already saved to disk.

Go Back (contextual menu only)
     Not strictly part of a refactoring process, but since I was 
reworking the Edit menu anyway...
     After a "Go to definition" call, this gets you back to where you were.

Uploaded to LiveCodeShare:

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at

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