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R.H. wrote:

 > A bigger problem is that the date can be ambiguous. How to know if a
 > month and day is actually a month or day using mm/dd/yyyy instead of
 > dd/mm/yyyy? You need to know the source of the date string to be able
 > to convert it to the local settings in such cases. And no system will
 > tell you that.

LiveCode's dateFormat function will help with at least that part of it:

     Use the dateFormat function to obtain the general format of the
     date for further processing. The dateFormat function returns a
     string containing one or more formatting incantations, each of
     which describes a part of the requested date format. The
     possible incantations are as follows:

     %a Abbreviated weekday name: the abbreviated day of the week,
     as reported by the weekdayNames function
     %A Full weekday name: the full day of the week, as reported
     by the weekdayNames function
     %b Abbreviated month name: the abbreviated month name, as
     reported by the monthNames function
     %B Full month name: the full month name, as reported by the
     monthNames function
     %d Day of the month: the day of the month as a number
     %m Month number: the number of the month
     %y Two-digit year: the year as a two-digit number
     %Y Four-digit year: This incantation indicates the year as
     a four-digit number (including the century)
     %w Day of the week: A number between 1 and 7

     Note: The dateFormat differs from other date/time functionality
     in that the default is to return information relative to the
     system locale. i.e. the dateFormat is equivalent to the system


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