OT: Apple Wants Application Specific Password

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Tue Mar 19 08:46:39 EDT 2019

Bottom line here: Does anyone know about Apple's new requirement for App-Specific Password in the application loader?

Long story:

If you are an Apple developer, then you gone through some more hoops lately.  First it was getting 2-factor authentication on our enterprise/team developer account, which is a different email address/Apple ID that my personal one on own MacBook Pro.

According long support calls, it's not enough to have an apple ID on the web. You have to log out of iCloud as your personal ID, the long in as the team ID, then you have to wait 2-Days!.. then you can register a second device (I used text msg on my phone) two get 2-factor for the team ID through my MacBook Pro. So, far so good, on my mac,  Iog out of iCloud as the team  id and long back in as my personal ID. OK… after 4 day, I think I got it…

Log in the developer interface with the apple ID for the team, get get a text msg, use the code, tell Apple that he can trust this browser for 30 and yay/whew, I can update profiles and I am thinking "Ok I finally wire, after 6 days I can finally post my app through the application loader!" I build the app.ipa with Jacque Airlaunch (Thank you Jacque!) and in the latest Xcode, attempt to load the app. Now it asked an application specific password!

It happens to Sat, so I can't call Apple til Monday, I called the yesterday. "oh, that a new requirement. Go the Apple ID of the team account… you see there the app-specific IDs? App an new label and copy the password. Keep it safe. Now reboot Xcode and see it you can enter it."

Well guess what. Application Loader has now field for loading an application specific password! The tech support young girl from Colorado, goes off one to "talk with my advisors". Ha!@  know has a clue what to do, exact that some new ruling about 3-party app development tools requiring app-specific password and you can only have 25 of them. The support team doesn't have a clue what I should to. They say they will get back to me…. I get an mail from someone is says he is taking of the case. He says

" As I understand an app-specific password is being requested when you are attempting to open binary in Xcode or Application Loader.

We are continuing to research your request and I will follow up with you as soon as we have additional information."

Now, 10 days away from when I was ready to upload my App.  I can't.

I am still in Apples Snake Pit. Just for a laugh I got an invitation to join WWDC19 Conference.  My advice would to stay away. I feel like a mouse slowly being enveloped by a Python. Now I know why many developers refuse to develop for iOS

Meanwhile I updated the Android app in just ½ hour it took me the re-familiar myself with Google straight forward procedures.


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