LC 9 and Externals

Dan Soneson dan.soneson at
Tue Mar 19 07:29:32 EDT 2019

This brings up a rather pressing question. In the release notes for every
version of LC9, one of the few known issues listed is “64-bit standalones
for Mac OS X do not have support for audio recording.” As the Apple
deadline approaches for eliminating all but 64-bit applications, this
LiveCode issue is increasingly troubling. Are there any plans in the works
to enable audio recording in 64-bit Mac standalones?

In addition to this limitation, we have been waiting a long time to be able
to reliably do audio recording in Windows without the use of QuickTime.
This functionality has been talked about in the conference discussions with
Mark and Kevin, and promised for implementation in 9.03, but I still don’t
see any mention of it in the release notes nor in the dictionary.

As a creator of language learning applications, I rely heavily on the
ability to do audio recording. How does the future look?


On 2019-03-18 16:59, Mark Wieder via use-livecode wrote:
> > On 3/18/19 8:43 AM, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
> > ... although if you're using the external in a stack you're shipping
> > to others, it may well be worthwhile to recompile it as a 64-bit
> > external. Especially keeping in mind that apparently Apple will soon
> > no longer support 32-bit applications.
> Heh - yes I perhaps should have taken the opportunity to mention that...
> 32-bit support on Mac is very very near being terminated (it would seem)
> - whilst 32-bit apps
> do still run in 10.14, they've made it virtually impossible to switch an
> app
> which has both slices to run in 32-bit mode, and (perhaps worse) almost
> impossible
> to switch an app which was previously marked to run in 32-bit mode back
> to running
> in 64-bit mode!
> So - probably best to ensure that any apps which need to run on Mojave
> and future
> macOS versions are built and work in 64-bit mode.
> Warmest Regards,
> Mark.

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