WANTED: Codecs for DirectShow and LC9xx

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Mon Mar 18 16:55:59 EDT 2019

WANTED: Recommendations for free to distribute and use codec for use 
with DirectShow and LiveCode 9xx under Windows.

I have found that the range of media formats DirectShow supports (out of 
the box) in LiveCode 9xx (when compared to earlier LC versions and 
Quicktime for Windows) to be staggeringly limited!

I love LiveCode, but cross-platform media playing is awful compared to 
say around the time of LC7 or 6

So, I am seeking any recommendations of free to distribute and use 
codecs for DirectShow/LiveCode 9xx under WIndows that expands the 
formats DirectShow can handle.

Mothership (i.e. LiveCode, Ltd.) you should watch this thread and if 
there are any, author and feature them in a prominent help article on 
your web site OR even better, add them into the Dictionary!

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