who has experience with mp4 videos on windows?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Mon Mar 18 05:08:26 EDT 2019


I still have trouble playing mp4-h.264 videos on some windows machines since
some time. I have installed the LAV-filters, which work fine for h.264 on
windows. Where my program can play my videos on most windows machines
without any problems, there are some single computers, where the video
screen just stays black and nothing happens. (tested with/without


This occurred with LC 8. Building a standalone with LC 9.0 my same program
could play the videos immediately. And now again, my same program without
any changes, build with LC 9.0.2 doesn't plays the videos on some machines
again anymore. 


This is very annoying for some of my customers, when they accept my
automatic update and the programs doesn't plays the videos anymore after the
update.(Playing videos is the essential task of my program)


I discussed this already with Panos in Sep. 2018 and his guess where two new
header includes in w32-ds-player.cpp(d3d9.h and vmr9.h)in LC 9 what have
made it work in LC 9. But now in LC 9.0.2 the videos are broken again on
some computers and I guess the headers are still included. This is very hard
to track down, because either Panos nor me can't reproduce this issue.


Is there anybody, who also works with mp4-h.264 videos on windows?

Any experiences? Any ideas what to check for?


Thanks for any ideas




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