Drag-and-Drop with Desktop Files

R.H. roland.huettmann at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 09:46:26 EST 2019

Desktop and IDE, mainly Windows 10 (could be any OS), LiveCode lastest

Drag-and-Drop on Windows works as expected. But I have another request and
do not know how to handle it so far.

The OS should know which file a user has selected. Is there are a command
or Shell function to know which files are selected in the Operating System
to receive their file path back in LiveCode without much user interaction.
The user shall NOT move the file as in Drag-and-Drop, but just click a
button to know about these selected files and folders and process them as

Speaking about Windows, only folders and files in a current folder can be
user-selected. So, if we had the information about the currently selected
folder and the selected files and folders inside, it would be a huge
advantage for the application I am working on.

Thanks for any hint if this is conceivable.

P.S. Windows users: Does anybody of you has a beginners script of using
Powershell instead of VBScript on Windows? As far as I know, VBScript is
deprecated. How would we call Powershell and receive information in LC back
from Powershell? Powershell does not appear in the list of supported
scripting languages of the OS when calling "alternateLanguages".

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