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Hi Tiemo,

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> There is a german LiveCode forum?

mais oui, mon cher! :-)

> Tiemo
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> Hi friends,
> this came up in the german LC forum:
> If you right-click an image file (Jpg) on the desktop you will get a list of
> applications that can handle a Jpg image.
> This list is provided by the "Windows Explorer" (I think, I'm a Mac guy).
> Now if your LC exe happens to be in that list and we select our app, what
> message, if at all, does our EXE receive when the "Explorer" "sends" 
> that image to our application whivh MAY be open already.
> I mean how can we get to know what image file the user wants to open with
> our EXE, so we can load it into an image object in our EXE?
> Know what I mean?
> Thanks for any hint!



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