LC-apps for HC

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Tue Jan 15 23:04:30 CET 2019

Hi Ingar,

Since last year, I am using Livecode in Mac,
Linux and Windows (and running stacks
on Android 2.3 and 4.0.1).

Previously, I have run Livecode only
on windows, much later on linux,
then on android and only since last
year on mac osx. (ios and raspberry pi
are in my plans too)

Livecode is similar and very different
in each one of these platforms.

Recreating the HyperCard interface
on top of Livecode should be very
straightforward and some developers
have done this previously, but if you
want an estimate of the cost of recreating
the HyperCard experience using Livecode,
your best choice is to ask RunRev

Notice please, I do not consider HyperCard
just an interface but an experience.
The experience of using the capabilities
of your computer in an easy and
human-friendly way.

How could you offer the same experience
in the year 2019? The answer is different
and unique for each operating system
in which Livecode runs.

For Mac developers, they only have
one platform to work. For this reason
HyperCard was really extraordinary.

In my desk, I have a PowerMac 7500
and running HyperCard is a joy.
Today anyone could run HyperCard
in their web browser visiting :
(HyperCard is inside the disk that
you could see in the desktop)

So, tell me if I am wrong if I understand
yourrequest as this question:

How could we recreate the HyperCard
experience in different Operating Systems
using Livecode?


notice that

on Tue, 15 Jan 2019 14:46:00
Ingar Roggen wrote:

> Dear all of you, - Richard, Richmond and the rest of the users
> of this list - as you may have seen I have tried to get an idea
> (an offer!) of what it may cost - what one would have to pay -
> for an app or some other solution to the problem of making
> "HC easily portable to LC and thereby accessible
> to the rest of us" again??. Not having got any answer
> I give it one more try.

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