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Tue Jan 15 20:16:22 CET 2019

Navigator edits custom properties in its standard editor, which resizes to
as big as you make Navigator -- so as big as you like, really.

But the custom list string editor is for Navigator's own custom list
display strings. Navigator has a number of built-in display options,
including the object name, name and id, and several others. But Navigator
can also take any custom string that will be accepted by LC's value()
function. Some interesting options:

the layer of tID && the name of tID
-- "tID" gets replaced with the long id of the control. This string will
result in numbering the controls displayed

the layer of tID && tIS & "<b>" & toUpper(char 1 of the name of tID) &
"</b>"&& Q(the short name of tID) && "loc:" && the loc of tID
-- "tIS" gets replaced with the indent string. This string will result in
numbering on the left, then the indent string, then a single letter in bold
representing the control type, then the name and location of the control.
Like this:

1 *B*"Cancel" loc: 681,572

2 *B*"Save" loc: 766,572

3 *G*"group id 1148" loc: 423,346

4 | *F*"edit list string" loc: 423,359

And based on a recent request, this string:

iff(word 1 of the long id of tID is "group","<b><font color=" &
Q("255,100,100") & ">","") & the name of tID && "-" && the id of tID &
iff(word 1 of the long id of tID is "group","</font></b>","")

-- iff() is a function included in Navigator that performs and "if"
statement in a function: if the first argument is true, then it results in
the second argument. If not, it results in the third argument. So this list
string results in groups being bold and salmon-colored, like this:

button "Cancel" - 1150

button "Save" - 1135

*group id 1148 - 1148*

| field "edit list string" - 1133



On Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 11:01 AM Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via
use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:

> Kudo from making group layering consistent/doable!
> ?
> =====
> This update adds an editor for custom list strings.
> ======
> "Custom list strings"
> what is it?
> A "custom property which is a string" ?
> If so, that huge, the IDE, Project Inspector give us a custom property
> value editor field with just 4 line...'s and no re-sizing option.
> Sheesh, do you want to  edit a long list cities name, or a big JSON
> property with only 4 lines
> BR
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