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Tue Jan 15 12:54:32 CET 2019

I cannot see this behaviour here and on our clients computers.
Our standalones with substacks are running on several Win10 machines. All theses standalones use
 preferences stacks, which are saved from within the standalones. The standalones were created with LC 9.0.1 Business.

We are delivering those standalones without an installer, so they are not placed in the Program Files folder. They are either placed in the documents, sometimes in a dropbox folder and some customers have placed them on drive D,E,F...., but not on the system drive.

Are your standalones delivered with a installer and do they reside in Program Files folder? If so, did you take care, that it is not allowed to write into the Program Files folder?

To check, if your AV software is the culprit, i would try, if possible, to exclude your standalone and its other files from AV realtime scanning. Maybe one of your clients is willing to try.

Our clients all use F-Secure Client Security as AV/Firewall on Windows and we never run into any problem with our apps.


Matthias Rebbe

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> Am 15.01.2019 um 10:59 schrieb R.H. via use-livecode <use-livecode at <mailto:use-livecode at>>:
> Failed saving onWindows 10 (all latest versions of LiveCode)
> I am talking about a compiled business related stack (small compiled
> splash, main stack not compiled in a resource folder and various resources)
> that goes to clients.
> Some of my clients experience that the main stack is not saving and will
> leave two files in a state that does not allow to reopen them again. One of
> the files is renamed with a tilde character "~" at the end of the filename.
> This is the file "in progress" to be saved from file A to B and when the
> saving was successful, the old file is removed.
> The saving process takes very long (from 15 seconds and more). Sometimes
> over 30 seconds -- with or without this problem.
> If I ask the client to remove the tilde "~" then the stack can be reopened.
> Otherwise not. Of course, I can not ask clients to do this in a production
> environment or ask him to delete the installation and always install again.
> Somewhere during the saving process, something happens that stops the
> process and ends with a failure.
> There are no error messages. I can not replicate the behaviour on my own
> computer. But I can see it on client's machines (not just one).
> I am wondering if this could also be something that occurs because of
> interference of Windows Defender or some AV? Did anybody ever experience
> something similar on Windows?
> Kind regards and thanks for replies
> Roland
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