Repeat for each line of a variable or field?

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Sat Jan 12 18:23:27 CET 2019

Variables are always faster, but how much faster depends on what you're 
doing in the "etc" part. Just reading the lines will be quicker than 
writing back to the field on each iteration.

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On January 12, 2019 10:03:33 AM David Epstein via use-livecode 
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> I've done a little bit of speed testing showing extremely slight 
> differences, but wonder if anyone who understands the "engine" can advise 
> on this:
> Is there a difference between these two approaches?
> (1) put fld 1 into txt; repeat for each line k in txt; etc.
> and
> (2) repeat for each line k in fld 1; etc.
> For no very good reason, I tend to do (1), but have begun to wonder:  for a 
> very lengthy field 1, does my writing to a variable use up more RAM, and so 
> perhaps injure performance?  Or is the engine in effect writing to a 
> variable either way?  Is a variable read more quickly than a field?
> Many thanks.
> David Epstein
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