windows defender issues? & other AV issues?

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Wed Jan 9 10:33:41 CET 2019

The whole discussion made me remembering that on my Mac i noticed a really significant performance loss in SE when outputting large data in message box.
When this is happening i can hear my fans boosting and the cpu temperature is increasing.

As soon as i close the message box or empty it the SE is responsive again,the temperature is lowering and the fans go into normal mode.

This script for example
repeat 20000
put "12asdfadsfasdfasdfasfasdf3453333333333333" &return after tOut
end repeat
put tout

is able to force this behaviour on an iMac 4Ghz i7 with 32GB ram.

Just test with LC9.0.2

Matthias Rebbe

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> Am 09.01.2019 um 07:17 schrieb Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> AndyP wrote:
> > This 'thrashing about' of messages may also explain why the situation
> > (speed) is impacted when the project browser and message  box are
> > open?
> Components that need frequent updates to reflect current state can indeed be tricky. You may find this report interesting, esp. Comment #3:
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