windows defender issues? & other AV issues?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jan 8 17:08:11 CET 2019

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 >> On Jan 7, 2019, at 17:59 , Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Maybe this is one more reason to move everything to the cloud,
 >> to end the tyrrany of overzealously monitored local disk I/O. :)
 >> I honestly don't have the quick-fix answer that will keep our
 >> customers happy with disk-intensive apps.
 >> Sugggestions?
 > SSD?

Alas, my tests were done on an SSD.  I haven't used platters for 
anything but backups in half a decade.

In a few years we may reach a point where the speed difference between 
disk and RAM will be so minor that it'll render half of the things they 
teach in CS101 obsolete.

But for now, the order-of-magnitude difference on writes introduced by 
Defender's RTP will likely remain a problem until Windows brings their 
AV monitoring methods in line with more advanced packages.

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