LC 9.02 Problems when displaying local PDF in stack

Simon Knight smk at
Sun Jan 6 12:50:44 CET 2019

Excellent advice Tore - many thanks.

I reinstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and confirmed that my app PDFreader was now displaying PDFs when run in LC 9.02 and that a second selection of a PDF caused the Adobe related menus and button bar to be displayed i.e. back to my starting point.

Next I ran the Adobe Cleaner App which I downloaded from the Adobe web site.  Thus ran and reported that the Reader had been removed.  I checked the log file and it contained a very long list of files so this removal app is necessary.

Then I ran my app PDFrename and confirmed that it could display PDFs and continue to do so once the PDFs are renamed and moved all without any Adobe clutter.  All this works but the display of PDFs is slower without Adobe Reader installed and slower than with earlier versions of LC.  Unfortunately this slowness now occurs in the older versions so may be OS related.  It could be that in the past I had an older version of Adobe Reader installed that did not force menus to be displayed and ran faster than the native OS.

So this is a problem partially solved.  The true problem is that we can produce applications that use the revBrowser control which may have a UI that varies significantly depending on what the end user has installed on his computer.  I think this is undesirable.

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Simon Knight

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