LC 9.02 Problems when displaying local PDF in stack

JJS jjs at
Sun Jan 6 11:22:59 CET 2019

I don't have Acrobat on my PC.

i use the browser widget and works ok in lc902

*put*specialFolderPath("home") & "/your.pdf"intotFile

*if* thereisafiletFile *then*

*// Allow for spaces in filenames*

*replace*" "with"%20"intFile


end if

Op 6-1-2019 om 11:06 schreef Simon Knight via use-livecode:
> Hi Tore,
> I have spent a couple of hours hunting down Adobe Reader related  files scattered about in my computers Library folder and others but to no avail.  I suspect that the root cause is the newish Adobe Acrobat Reader DC which I briefly tried while attempting to solve an unrelated problem with a PDF file.  This was the app that was inserting its self into my apps revBrowser control,  I have removed Acrobat Reader DC and downloaded the Adobe cleaner app but my instance of revBrowser still requests that I locate Adobe Acrobat and fails to display the local PDF file.  I have also experimented with the Browser widget and get the same result when running LC 9.02.
> So it seems that having removed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC that my code is unable to display PDFs in either a RevBrowser or a Browser Widget when running in LC9.02.  I also suspect there is a subtle buffering problem when running the same code in LC 8 and earlier as the app stops displaying PDFs after a source file is moved; I am still experimenting to see if I can determine exactly what is causing the problem.
> Regards
> Simon Knight
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