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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jan 6 04:35:15 CET 2019

Curry Kenworthy wrote:

 > Richard:
 >  > I'd like to follow their progress [...]
 >  > supporting the QA process benefits my work as well.
 > Thanks, Richard! Yes, if you're not on the list for that bug, that
 > would superb to sign up. I thought it might be considered old or
 > familiar news here since tests and observations had been posted and
 > discussed before by myself and others, so at first I didn't want to
 > sp*m too much info again. Here we go in reverse chronology:

After following out the links in your post I eventually found one link 
where the rubber meets the road with an RQCC report:

It's a bit confusing, since the Target Version shown there is 7, but it 
was submitted just a few months ago, many years after v7 was EOL'd.

Did you try to tip Heather included in Comment 5 there?

As hodge podge of what appear to be very different optimization 
opportunities under the hood, it may be difficult for the team to take 
action on it/them, and impossible to track.

For example, we know from Mark Waddingham's recent post on array 
optimizations that at least some of the many very different tests there 
will be affected, and likely not others.

Also, textreplace relies on the regex subsystem, which I'd guess is 
independent of the chunk handling code for items, which is different 
again from the allocation options for appends (I thought append had some 
revisions since v7, no?), and likely separate from the math operations.

If I can't even follow the progress on that report, I pity the dev 
assigned to deal with it.

In fact, now that I see it again I recall that the 
everything-in-one-report nature of that is why I subscribe to it when it 
was created in September.

Imagine if we put all bugs from the RQCC into one report.  That seems 
absurd of course, but this is unfortunately just a smaller version of 
the same problem imposed by such a grab-bag approach.

Maybe someone on the team has the resources to break it up into 
actionable elements.  Maybe you do.  I don't right now.

It's too bad that report's recipes have been packaged in such an unusual 
format uniquely difficult to integrate and track within the QA process. 
Looks like some useful details there, currently lost in a black box.

 > Hope you enjoyed the R^3 link antimeme joke! :) Miss our periodic
 > catch-up calls; maybe we can do one later this year when we have a
 > chance.

Yes, good link.  It's been a hectic season but lightening up.  It would 
be good to catch up.

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