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Sat Jan 5 05:02:24 CET 2019

> 1.  One thing I would love to do is assign different commands to the
> "Command Bars", I've been going through the source code and haven't
> figured
> out where this happens...

I obviously need to do better here: just right-click/control-click a
command bar. The pop-up menu lets you select any existing command to assign
to that command bar. You can create new named commands by selecting New
Command... at the top of the menu. Note: I just now noticed that you have
to have at least one control selected for this to work. I'll fix that in an


> 2.  Another feature request would be to assign a different color for
> groups
> (and folded group contents)

I thought about this, but I thought the overall "color things based on
whether they have a script/behavior" was more important, but I'll take a
look and see how tough this would be to work in.

--Ultimately, a user can get around it by using the same color if they don't
want to distinguish between certain things... I use the same color for with
or without a script

> 3.  it seems as though all controls in a card are being indented... was it
> always like that?

Good eye -- no, they weren't before, but I added that additional level of
indent because of allowing multiple targets. It would be easy enough to
undo depending on the consensus opinion.

--I would prefer not to have the extra indent, but it's not a dealbreaker or
anything :P

> 4.  it would be nice if there were an easier way to clean up the List
> Display String list... as far as I can tell the only way is to manually
> edit
> the prefs file

Definitely agreed, it was just the lack of/need for interface inspiration
and a desire to work on something else/laziness. But yes, editing the prefs
is the only way at present to clean up the list display list.

--I had A LOT to clean up, each addition to my line just made it
exponentially larger... 

iff(the vis of tID,"","hid") & iff(char 1 to 5 of the name of tID is
"group","---grp ---" & the short name of tID & "---",toUpper(char 1 of the
name of tID) && the short name of tID) && "id[" & the short ID of tID & "]"
&& the height of tID & "x" & the width of tID && the mpDevNotes of tID &&
the left of tID & "," & the top of tID & "," & the right of tID & "," & the
bottom of tID & "/" & the layer of tID


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