DataView and DataView Tree Levure Helpers

JJS jjs at
Fri Jan 4 18:12:45 CET 2019

Curious about some things.

Can this dataview do the same things as the datagrid?

Like Form with images and fields on a row via row template or similar?

Does it has scroller for mobile? or has it to be created like with DG1 
and other groups?

  l hesitate on using a lot of 3rd party tools, support could be stopped 
anytime, and if you then depend on it...

We already depend on LC.

Like i like to give levure a try, but also hesitate, can i turn back to 
the "normal" way of building an app?


Op 4-1-2019 om 18:28 schreef Trevor DeVore via use-livecode:
> On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 10:55 PM Trevor DeVore <lists at>
> wrote:
>> Over the holiday break I took time to package up some UI controls I use in
>> my own projects and make them available as helpers for Levure apps*. The
>> controls are named "DataView" and "DataView Tree". The DataView is a
>> leaner, more efficient DataGrid Form. It allows you to efficiently display
>> highly customized rows of data on desktop and mobile. The DataGrid Tree is
>> built on top of the DataView and works with a tree structure.
> I've added another DataView helper named "DataView Database Cursor Helper"
> and updated the demo app. This helper adds a `dvCursor` property to a
> DataView along with a number of other properties. You open a database
> cursor, assign it to the DataView, and then the DataView will automatically
> move through the cursor in order to display the rows the user is currently
> looking at. Fast and efficient, even for large result sets.
> Demo:
> DataView Database Cursor Helper:

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