Refactoring is your friend / moving from 6.x to 9.x

Malte Pfaff-Brill revolution at
Thu Jan 3 12:13:06 CET 2019

It might be that I stand corrected for the behaviour of lock / unlock screen.
But then I also stand puzzled on the effect it has between engines. Same code which redrew the screen within 2.5 seconds on the 5.x series took 11 secs in 8/9. After debugging libraries. Being used to make sure that lock screens no longer nested brought this down to 1.5 seconds. Rest of the code left unchanged! I really do not get it. That said, I am pretty happy with the fact. I only wish I would have found/tried this earlier.

Regarding strictness of the parser, I am actually quite glad that the parser is less forgiving nowadays. :-) Have been working in strict compile mode for ages and this has saved me from shooting my own foot numerous times.
Thank you all for your input on this. If anyone of you has any more gotchas to look out for I am most interested to learn. :-)



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