IMAP library, or support via tsNet?

Ben Rubinstein benr at
Thu Jan 3 11:58:54 CET 2019

Is there anything in the way of an IMAP library around?

My needs are relatively simple: I want to connect to an iMAP server, 
recursively list folders and fetch the size of each (if necessary by fetching 
the size of each message)

e.g. in JavaScript with this library
I'd be using
	listMessages(... ['RFC822.SIZE'])

Is there a library that would support this kind of access?

Does tsNet provide anything above the basic network primitives to support 
this?  Some time I ago there was a tantalising hint on this list:

On 24/08/2017 11:05, Charles Warwick via use-livecode wrote:
> IMAP and POP3 support in tsNet under Linux is only available in tsNet 1.3.0+ 
> which will be bundled with the next LC release.
> All other platforms have had support for those protocols for a while.  I hope 
> to have some documentation available in the next two weeks.

Did that ever come to fruition?

Many thanks,


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