Is HTML5 really practical?

Pi Digital sean at
Sat Aug 31 16:51:44 EDT 2019

I would mainly only use HTML5 deployment for Web Apps rather than web pages. Much better to use some pre-made web template, Wordpress or learn and use native HTML5 & CSS3.

I’m converting for my client two of his commercial desktop apps being used by sales agents over to Web Apps as he is looking to expand his app product line and his customer IT depts are unwilling to install any more applications. Web Apps open up the market for him to 30 times as many customers which is a really big deal. The only initial hurdle was getting it to talk through php to the MySQL server but ended up being easy in comparison to simple text field operations and now form view DataGridV2 (bane of my life at the moment). 

Btw, on a tangent, I’ve had good experiences with HTML5 deployment running in Safari on an iOS device with only a few niggles like spacebar and tab not working. Emscripten say it’s not supported but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it to work. 


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