Is HTML5 really practical?

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Sat Aug 31 14:15:33 EDT 2019

I always like it when you give these well thought replies, Richard.

Opposed to me, i flap some things out sometimes too quick.

Op 31-8-2019 om 19:19 schreef Richard Gaskin via use-livecode:
> William Prothero wrote:
> > ...I’m wondering whether it might be easier and better to just use
> > the engine as a cgi and do everything in css and html.
> Yes.
> On the sever, LC makes as good a choice for CGIs as nearly anything else.
> On the client there are many options, including browser-native HTML, 
> LC's emscripten export to JS/HTML, or an LC native app.
> Considering how simple and lightweight web forms are, esp. with CSS3's 
> features for field labels and prompts vs having to script all of that 
> by hand in LC, for things like that the choice clearly favors simplicity.
> Then consider the browser compatibility constraints of LC's current 
> export, and that mobile isn't considered supported at all, and the 
> choice becomes even clearer.
> LC's HTML export can be useful for certain kinds of highly vertical 
> solutions, esp. those with little to no direct business competition. 
> But as others here have noted, it's not designed for making most kinds 
> of web pages.
> It's easy to look at desktop and browser apps as being similar, but 
> the more you work in both the clearer it becomes that they are 
> radically different paradigms.
> Native apps, whether made with LC, XCode, VB, or anything else, are 
> based on static coordinates, while web elements automatically reflow. 
> Right off the bat all aspects of handling layout and changes to layout 
> are different at a very fundamental level.
> Think about the implications of that for a while, then consider all 
> the ways LC is designed to talk to OS APIs, and how browsers are 
> designed to insulate the user's OS from what happens within web pages, 
> and the stark differences between the two become soberly clear.
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