Is HTML5 really practical?

Pi Digital sean at
Sat Aug 31 09:52:59 EDT 2019

> On 31 Aug 2019, at 10:01, hh via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> The HTML5 deployment has its own problems. The biggest problem is
> that people use it for free and are not willing to buy (at least
> for a short period) the HTML5 license in order to support further
> LC development in that field (but then moan about missing features).
> So, also from that reason, HTML5 deployment is still very uncomplete.

Me and my client bought a 2 year license each plus I had my 6mth from the crowdfund reward. Does that qualify me to ‘moan about missing features’?

I absolutely agree with everything else Hermann states though. You must set up your server to speed up download. But if you reload the page manually you are effectively forcing it to ignore the cache and download everything again. If you navigate away and comeback though it does not need to redownload. 

There is a huge amount of things that are broken at the moment. A lot of that it seems is because Chrome updated but LC haven’t yet met up with the new conditions. I’ve been looking into it but have been a bit tied up with my clients project so I’ve just been using workarounds for now. It’s a necessary evil ‘til we get LC HTML5 deployment fixed (along with some other basic LC anomalies). 

I’d recommend to keep playing with it. I’ve accomplished so much for my client with it despite all the issues. Perseverance. And ask the community. And post bug reports. 


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