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On 2019-08-30 02:56, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
> If (1) does not turn out to be the case then acceleratedRendering will
> have a slightly negative effect (as the engine will be doing what it
> would do without acceleratedRendering on, but also paying the overhead
> of caching the result!). To fix this you'll need to tweak the
> properties of the newEventG group:
>    - opaque must be false
>    - showName must be false
>    - hScrollbar must be false
>    - vScrollbar must be false
>    - showBorder must be false
>    - all bitmap effects must be empty

Additionally and entirely unrelated to performance but might be causing
the visual artefacts you mentioned...

For now you also need to ensure that your three groups also all have
'showFocusBorder' set to false - this is due to bug 22322, a fix for
which is pending (

[ ShowFocusBorder has absolutely no effect on groups, however it causes
a miscalculation to occur when rendering in certain circumstances when
it is enabled and acceleratedRendering is on ].

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