Android Speed Woes

Pi Digital sean at
Thu Aug 29 22:50:21 EDT 2019

That’s perfect and very near the results we’d expect to see. So it narrows it down to display. 

What’s inside the groups and what settings do they have? If there are images what quality setting do they have, normal better or best? Any scaling factors anywhere? Rotations? Anti-aliasing? Shapes, widgets or paths? Borders, effects (shadow, glow, overlay). Theoretically these settings would affect both iOS and Android but as we are seeing it only on Android we need to narrow it down to see what specifically is causing the issue. 

To start, try setting any images to mid quality (not normal or best). I’ve occasionally seen this performs best (especially recently on HTML5 deployment). 


> On 30 Aug 2019, at 01:15, Dan Friedman via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Mark,
> put the milliseconds into m
> put "" into jones
> repeat 10000
>    put "a" after jones
> end repeat
> put jones into pFart
> put the milliseconds - m into m
> answer m
> iMac = 1
> Moto G5 = 16
> Moto G6 = 10
> iPhone X = 7
> -Dan

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