Datagrid2 Form view slow down.

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Tue Aug 27 10:10:18 EDT 2019

Hi Mark,

Thank you for you very comprehensive response. It does help me understand a
great deal more about the innards of the data grid.

However, I have been running my grid in an 800x600 window. I had restarted
fresh with a new template stack and new row template. The template has the
original BG untouched. The original field renamed, and repositioned, and
two others copied from it and repositioned. (Later I had a rounded
rectangle added which sits behind the last field but this made no
difference to performance). The row height is set to 30. No layout control
other than for the data content. Minimal layout set to true. I kept it
basic as it could be. But it still stutters on scroll with or without
Accelerated rendering on. So, in my very humble opinion, something is still
'up'! I don't know what it is but Form view is definitly not operating up
to par for some reason.

As suggested, I have had to spend considerable more time coding my own data
grid. This has held us up no end as a result. Again. Especially as, because
HTML5 deployment is broken so much, that I have to manually code nearly all
key and mouse operations that come in (delete, backspace, escape, arrows,
mouse-scroll, double-click, cut, copy, paste, - anything other than a-Z,0-9
pretty much). And geometry doesn't work either for HTML5 so I have to code
resize for almost every object manually. It is getting tiresome and tedious
just how much in LC does not work! I'm am very nearly at burnout stage from
it - Again! LC almost killed me last year and it is trying really hard to
do it to me again it seems.

Try it, see for yourself!

Thanks (semi-hysterically) again.

Sean Cole
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