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Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Wed Aug 21 21:32:04 EDT 2019

Hi All

I posted this up on the HTML5 forum. Perhaps someone on here can help me

Faster DataGrid Performance
The number one feature we get asked for is to improve performance of
complex DataGrids on mobile. We will improve performance in two ways.
First, we will rework the DataGrid code to be more efficient in the way
that it creates, removes and caches objects.
Faster Graphics on All Platforms
We will add new features to the engine to support accelerated rendering
within groups. This will benefit LiveCode’s graphic performance in a
variety of real-world situations, on all platforms including mobile,
desktop and web.

That's a quote from the old 2017 backers campaign for DG2 just to put
things into perspective of my expectations. I hope this doesn't come over
as whiny or over-demanding .

I have acceleratedRendering set to true for the IDE, desktop and HTML5. But
a DG2 Form with only 3 short fields, a rounded-rect grc and the background
rect and only 233 records still struggle to scroll anywhere near smoothly.
Even with the bkgnd and grc removed leaving only 3 simple text fields it
still struggled just as much.

Is there something I am missing that can speed/smooth this up. Using a
table view DG worked moderately better but doesn't have the required
features the form view has for customising.

Many thanks

Sean Cole
*Pi Digital *

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